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Postdoctoral position in Drosophila evolutionary genomics

New! The first structural variation paper for this project just came out in Nature Genetics. If you thought this paper was interesting, this is the job for you!

Interested applicants can apply immediately via the UCI Recruit website. Read below for more about the job, the Emerson Lab, and the excellent research environment at UCI.


We are soliciting candidates for an NIH funded postdoctoral position. The position will broadly fit into the category of Drosophila comparative population genomics with a focus on structural variation. The main focus of the project is to understand how mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift affect the evolution of genome structure.

Consideration of applications will begin on 2018-01-05 and will continue until the position is filled. For full consideration, please apply by this date.

Candidates will ideally have interests broadly relevant to these themes but will also be offered opportunities to pursue their own interests in evolutionary genetics. The Emerson lab is very collaborative, and we encourage those who are interested to consider collaborative projects with other UCI faculty. See our collaborators page.


The successful candidate will have a PhD in the following or related fields: evolutionary genetics, bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics, or experimental genomics (especially high throughput sequencing). The candidate will conduct research, write papers, and attend research conferences. As part of mentoring, the ideal candidate will contribute to the UCI evolutionary genetics community by attending and presenting at journal club, and presenting group meetings. Finally, applicants interested in academics will gain experience grant writing by submitting fellowship applications.


The evolutionary genetics community at UCI is extremely interactive and offers ample opportunities to interact and collaborate with other labs at UCI, including the Briscoe, Gaut, Long, and Thornton labs. We are a diverse group that works on species like fruitflies, brewer’s yeast, butterflies, crop species, and E. coli. We apply many methods including genomics, population genetics theory and inference, quantitative genetics, or experimental evolution.

The Emerson lab is affiliated with the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, the Center for Complex Systems Biology, and the Center for Evolutionary Genetics at UCI as well as the Southern California Evolutionary Genetics Meeting. For more about the academic and professional environment that the Emerson lab is part of, see our collaborators page.


Interested applicants can apply via the UCI Recruit website. Be prepared with the following:

Applications should include:

Documents marked as “Optional” are not required for this application.

If you’d like to make an informal inquiry, contact me.